Kilometres of well-tended slopes, magical nature, never-ending opportunities for skiers and also snowboarders – winter in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) invites tourists to a visit. There are perfect conditions for everyone from complete beginners to advanced skiers looking for the hardest slopes.

Ski resort Vrátna Malá Fatra belongs to the most visited resorts of winter sports. Absorb family atmosphere at Ski Gavurky resort that is ideal for beginners and children.

Company RAW Vrátna offers you complex services for your winter entertainment and undisturbed holiday in mountains – including ski and snowboard courses for beginners and intermediate skiers as well as ski and snowboard rental shop.

Vrátna Malá Fatra

In a magical area of two basins surrounded by mountains in Kriváň part of Národný park Malá Fatra (Malá Fatra National Park), there is a resort with perfect conditions for winter holiday with a wide range of activities.

In Vrátna Malá Fatra resort everybody finds what they like. Beginners, pre-intermediate and advanced skiers. If you have not skied yet or you have a feeling that your skis are sometimes out of control, slopes identified by blue colour are suitable for you. Paseky has a proper terrain for beginners. Red slopes are recommended for pre-intermediate and advanced skiers who would like to ski faster. On these slopes you have the opportunity to improve your skills individually or with the help of instructors. If you want to fully enjoy a difficult ski ride – freestyle and freeride, head to the slopes marked black or red-and-black. We especially recommend you Chleb and Oštiepková mulda.

Vrátna Malá Fatra is a perfect resort for beginners and advanced skiers. Simply said, skiing for everybody. Welcome to the resort proud of the steepest slope in Slovakia. Fans of snowboarding, extreme skiing and ski touring find here something for themselves, too.


Ski resort Vrátna Malá Fatra premises belong among the most beautiful in Slovakia. Slopes are surrounded by gorgeous nature of Národný park Malá Fatra (Malá Fatra National Park) that is ruled over by Veľký Kriváň peak. Children, less experienced skiers, advanced skiers and even professionals may ski in Vrátna thanks to three resorts.



Perfect family holiday! Paseky resort is a perfect place for family ski holiday. There are three ski and snowboard schools and kindergartens, rental shops and repairs of ski and snowboard equipment offering their services. You can ski on slopes 3.3 kilometres long. Take a four-person chairlift and three ski tows to get to the slopes. In the resort you can find a central cash office, fast food to get something between rides, and even a restaurant where it is worth it to have lunch. What would it be for a holiday without gifts for your loved ones? There is a souvenir shop right below the slope.

Poludňový Grúň

A four-person chairlift gets you from Paseky resort to the resort of Poludňový Grúň. To get to the valley, you need to ski downhill to four other ski tows. Slopes at Poludňový Grúň are more than 2.5 kilometre long in total. You may have a snack and rest in the cottage with restaurant.


Gem of the whole valley with the steepest slope in Slovakia. A difficult slope facing the north with vertical drop of 750 metres is accessible by a modern eight-person cable car ending right below the ridge of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) in the height of 1,494 metres. Thanks to its weather conditions, the resort is quite predestined for spring ski holiday. Even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders would appreciate black slopes and freeride zones.

Panoráma Restaurant with a magnificent panoramic view of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) peaks, a sunny terrace with comfortable deck chairs for relaxation right on the slope, unique mountain sun – you will find all of that in the Chleb resort.


Ski Gavurky

You will fall in love with a small family ski resort located right in the village of Terchová with a great entry from the main road.

An easy sunny slope is suitable for families with children as well as for skiing or snowboarding beginners. Ski school with professional instructors is a benefit. Have you forgotten your equipment at home? Are you just a skiing beginner? Visit ski rental where you will find everything you need.

After skiing you may try a toboggan run right next to the slope. If you are rather a night-owl and love night skiing, there is also something for you. Enjoy skiing in the evenings under artificial light.


Other Winter Activities

In Vrátna dolina (Vrátna Valley) you will find out that winter holiday is not only about skiing. Activities in Vrátna Malá Fatra resort guarantee you lots of experiences you will happily think back on.

Cross-country Skiing

Enjoy Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) mountains on cross-country skis. Ski in a still and calm atmosphere through magical secluded places of our region and admire the magic of snowy nature.

Long Tradition

Cross-country skiing has a long tradition in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) region. At present, there are around 30 kilometres of tended cross-country trails. You may witness various ski marches or competitions on a regular basis. Cross-country skiing in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) will win your heart. If you are not sure whether this sport is right for you, visit one of the ski rentals that will provide you with all equipment. Set off across paths of snowy land. This sport will bewitch you.

Three magical routes of the region

Regional organization of tourism provides adjustment of running routes between the villages of Belá and Terchová where almost 16km of route is ready for both classic and free style. Route on Kysucká magistrála (Kysucká Arterial Route) between Krásno nad Kysucou and Nová Bystrica is also perfectly prepared. Last route is in Vrátna – Tiesňavy with a view of rocky formations of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra).


Snowboarding is a second most favorite winter sport. Every year there is Snowboarding European Cup held in this resort. Use tended ski slopes on Paseky and Poludňový Grúň for classic ride. All those who love to ski off piste would fall in love with free ride zone in Chleb location. Use a cable car to get to Snílovské sedlo (Snílkovské Saddle) and start in Veľký Kriváň or Chleb. Northern slopes of Vrátna dolina (Vrátna Valley) are very steep and create perfect conditions for free ride.


One of the most dynamic and developing sports nowadays. Jump much higher than you used to. Ride with kite up the hill is another impressive advantage that opens any free ride terrain for you. Kite can reach the speed that will satisfy the most demanding ones. Chleb location in Vrátna is one the most popular snowkiting location in Europe.


Who said that inflatable rubber wheels are for water slides only? Modern version of sledging without sledges. Snowtubing is the real fun not only for children but adults as well. Down the hill on rubber wheels on a tubing course with artificial snow waves reminds you of a summer water slide. This ideal winter activity for children, families and larger groups offers a really splendid experience.

Snowshoe marches

Have you ever tried to wade through the snow with your snowshoes on? Have you not? Vrátna dolina (Vrátna Valley) also offers you this unusual experience. Walks on snowshoes with a guide through snowy corners of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra). You experience extraordinary views, mysterious secluded places and pristine nature. RAW Vrátna company will provide you with more information about snowshoe marches as well as wide offer of quality services.

Ski touring

Ski touring offers you a maximum of adrenalin and pleasure from crossing the icy country covered in snow. Guide will show you around the best routes. He will also teach you how to make an avalanche probe, how to work with avalanche technique, calculate downslope, to behave in mountains and many other practical things you may find necessary. Ski touring program as well as guides to free terrain are offered by RAW Vrátna company.

Try snowboard and ski testing.

Raw Vrátna company offers this unique unusual opportunity. For a determined time and price in advance you may try models chosen for you. After two rides you change a pre-set models not to waste your time by changing and setting up the binding. You have time to try 3 or 4 pairs of skis during two-hour testing. During all day testing you have time to try 8 up to 12 pairs of skis such as slalom, super-G skis, free ride, all mountain, for beginners. After that you will know which skis, running skis or snowboards are the most suitable for you. What do you say?

Avalanche program

One of the next services offered by RAW Vrátna are various programs with a professional guide. Avalanche program is very interesting and intended for people who move in free terrain in winter time and would like to learn more about an avalanche danger. Lear the principles of movement in free terrain, to understand and read snow layering and to work with an avalanche technique. A three-hour avalanche program will teach you how to avoid misfortune or help your friend in need.

Address: RAW - (Riecky A Weiner), Pod Sokolím 16154, 013 06 Terchová

Telephone: Vrátna - Paseky + 421 903 118 116 / Terchová - Gavurky + 421 904 268 408

Winter Hiking

Hiking is given a green light in winter! Roadblock of trails is only in case of bad weather Mountain rescues service Malá Fatra informs about daily.

You will not get lost

Tourist trails on the ridge are marked with winter sticks that helps you to find your way easily in case of heavy snow.

Hrebeň Malej Fatry (Malá Fatra Ridge)

Experience winter hiking on the ridge of Malá Fatra as well. Use a cable car to Snílovské sedlo (Snílovské Saddle) and enjoy the surrounding winter fairytale. Go to popular Chleb or Kriváň or walk to Chata pod Chlebom (Chalet under Chleb) to taste delicious Slovak cuisine.

Jánošíkove Diery (Jánošík’s Holes)

Jánošíkove diery (Jánošík’s Holes) change into a magnificent icy kingdom in winter that is definitely worth visiting. The part Dolné diery (Lower Holes) that is also an educational trail is accessible in winter as well. Beautiful hiking is an unforgettable experience. Start your tour following a blue sign behind the hotel Diery. Continue to Podžiar shepherd’s hut where you can rest a little bit. If there is a place worth visiting in winter it is definitely beautiful magical icy Jánošíkové diery (Jánošík’s Holes).

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