Open-Air Museums and Museums

Historical photographs, documents, objects, spoken word or a walk in the fresh air with a fabulous view – wide choice of museums will surely impress you. A relatively small region of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) with its munificent history has prepared something for everybody. All you need to do is pack your things. Do not forget your camera, and you may walk in the footsteps of Slovak ancestors.

Museum of Považie in Žilina

How did tinkers use to work to provide for their families, and how did they travel in the past? These and many other curious questions would be answered to you in Museum of Považie in Žilina. Learn about the history of tinker craft and discover the beauty of transport history in Slovakia in the museum with more than 70 years old tradition. The museum preserves some interesting tips sought-after by tourists. Visit the Budatín Castle, Strečno Castle and Paseky village, exposition of Jánošík and Terchová. You will certainly not regret it.

Exposition: Tinker Craft – (Un)Believable Story of One Craft

After a short walk from city centre, you will reach the park of the Budatín Castle that used to have a protective function in the past. During the tour, the exposition of tinker craft, telling the story of Slovak tinkers, will surely draw your attention. Wire and tin historical artefacts, period documents, pictures and illustrations of work will take you to the roots of the original craft – tinker craft, from its beginnings to factory production. You would wonder how many business successes middlemen of this craft experienced.

Address: Budatínsky hrad, Topoľová 1, 010 03 Žilina - Budatín


“Jánošík and Terchová” Exposition

Travel in time! Thanks to true imitation of traditional Terchová room, it is truly not impossible. Its atmosphere will win your heart. Thanks to documents, period papers and pictures, you will go back in time to the beginning of the 16th century. The exposition does not leave aside equally famous Slovak and native of Terchová – a writer Adam František Kollár.

Took from the rich and gave the poor.

Desire for freedom and justice characterize Juraj Jánošík probably most accurately. Main part of the exposition focuses on the most famous Terchová brigand and native. Important historical facts regarding his life, brigandry and execution – you will find all of it in Terchová. Dark atmosphere of the period he lived in is induced by three-dimensional objects such as rack, scourge, shackles, wide belt or hatchet. An audio-visual presentation describing life of Juraj Jánošík in a simple and clear manner to visitors of all age groups is pleasant enlivenment of the tour. This exposition is situated in the centre of Terchová in the building of municipal office.

Address: Sv. Cyrila a Metoda, 960 013 06 Terchová


Open-Air Museums and Museums

Museum of Jewish Culture

A unique exposition of Jewish culture is located in an orthodox synagogue that is still used for spiritual purposes. Displayed exhibits are mostly sacral objects.

Address: Múzeum židovskej kultúry, Daniela Dlabača 15, 010 01 Žilina


Museum of Malá Fatra Operation in Stráňavy

Fans of the war theme pay attention, especially those who have World War II. at their fingertips. Memorial to the Victory of the first Czechoslovak Army Corps was built in honour of fallen soldiers on the Polom Hill. It was moved to a nearby summit of Javoriny in 1986. Liberation Monument was revealed in the village of Stráňavy in front of the culture centre in 1970. For those interested in history, there is a museum behind the village with a permanent exposition of Malá Fatra Operation. Museum building originally served as a gamekeeper’s lodge.

Open-Air Museums and Museums

Wooden Nativity Scene in Terchová

Combination of linden wood, remarkable sound, uniqueness and motion – such is Wooden Nativity Scene in Terchová. Visit the Church of Sts. Cyril and Methodius to admire such beauty. There is Terchová village with its crafts, a humble crib and luxurious town of Jerusalem. Would you find all three parts that this majestic wooden work presents? The overall magical impression is underlined by the sound and tones of Terchová music filling the church.

Open-Air Museums and Museums

Museum of Kysuce Village – Open-Air Museum in Vychylovka

In a picturesque environment of Kysuce region, not far from the village of Nová Bystrica, there is a fabulous place. Small wooden houses are scattered around the valley. Charming water mill or a chapel would allure you to come and experience this magical atmosphere in person.

Small Houses from Sunken Villages

Did you know that some folk houses in the open-air museum come from sunken villages of Riečnica and Harvelka? When building Stará Bystrica Water Reservoir these valuable folk architecture monuments were relocated. Nowadays they attract many visitors every year.

Life in Kysuce in the Past

A perfect location with the spirit of past characterizes life in Kysuce region. Walk along residential houses and farm buildings; do not be afraid and walk in, too. Get ready your cameras because you will not be short of beautiful shots. You will find there two mills and a brick chapel relocated from Zborov nad Bystricou. Do you know what cholvarky are? They are seasonal dwellings that served as an accommodation for shepherds, stables for sheep and storage of grain in the past. In Vychylovka you will also find these traditional buildings. In the oldest house of the open-air museum, there is a souvenir shop today which you cannot leave with empty hands.

Paradise of Film-Makers

Many films and series which were filmed right in this magical folk village speak in favour of this truly unique place in Slovakia. Among the most famous rank The Legend of Flying Cyprian or Frankenstein´s Aunt Series. You may notice shots from Vychylovka even in a famous Czech film Želary.

Open-Air Museum Events

Each year the museum organises various interesting events to give you a better and clearer idea of life in the past. Kitchen of Grandmas is a favourite one that presents traditional gastronomy of the region. What about something more adventurous – are you courageous enough to try competition in cutting and mowing grass?

Open-Air Museums and Museums

Historical Logging Switchback Railway in Vychylovka

After a pleasant walk through the open-air museum, do not miss the ride on Historical Logging Switchback Railway. Take a ride on a steam train and experience unforgettable atmosphere of a historical ride.

The European Unique Object

Historical Logging Switchback Railway together with Orava part of the railway form the former Kysuce-Orava logging railway. Almost 11 kilometre long section of the railway is currently a Cultural Heritage Monument. This switchback system is one of the two which are preserved in Europe nowadays.

Former Kysuce-Orava railway was used to transport wood logged in surrounding forests. Until now, approximately 11 kilometres of the railway have been preserved. The rest has been disassembled.

Address: Skanzen Vychylovka, 023 05 Nová Bystrica - Vychylovka


Museum of National History in Krásno Nad Kysucou

People say that it is “better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”. This phrase depicts Museum of National History in Krásno Nad Kysucou precisely. Come and see with your own eyes how huge a mammoth female was. A replica of life-size mammoth would astonish you. You really need to see it! Thanks to another museum exposition, you will get acquainted with crafts of grandpas and grandmas. If you need advice regarding fauna or flora in the area of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) region, visit the Museum of National History that will answer all your curious questions.

Address: Vlastivedné múzeum, Kultúrny dom 1. mája, 023 02 Krásno nad Kysucou


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