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Date: 30.5. - 1.6.2019
Location: Žilina

Why is it worth a visit? This is the 24th edition of the largest cultural event in the region, which is always extremely popular. This rich, three-day marathon has fans in Žilina and the wider region. There is something for every generation. The music festival teaks place on two squares in the town centre. One of them is traditionally dedicated to rock music while the other presents folklore, jazz, blues and world music groups. An integral part of the Old Town Festival is the market with stalls selling traditional crafts, honey cakes, sweets and refreshments. Younger visitors will find a variety of performances and competitions in the park. Admission to the festival is free of charge.

Date: 10.8.2018
Location: Žilina

Why is it worth a visit? Because Medieval Day is popular fixture in Žilina’s summer calendar. The main aim of the event is to recall the key dates and events from the town’s medieval history in an attractive and engaging manner. Previous editions of this successful event have featured in total nearly 500 performers and extras. Join us on a journey into the past and get to know the real middle ages.
Scenes from medieval life, archery, battle re-enactments, torture trials, fire shows, trying on armour, medieval cookery and falconry. Unique period performances are also planned. The event organisers never forget to prepare an interesting program for the children who come to the event. Admission to the event is free of charge.

Date: 1.8. - 4.8.2019
Location: Terchová

Why is it worth a visit? Because the Jánošík Festival is a festival recognised by those who love folklore and tradition not just in our local region. The 2018 edition of this international folklore festival in Terchová will be the 56th annual meeting of artists from Slovakia and abroad. The main concerts take place in the large open-air theatre Nad Bôrami while various smaller stages host a wide variety of genres. The festival is combined with an exhibition of recent folk art works in the visual arts and photography. The festival also includes Holy Mass in Terchová’s large church, a procession of waggoneers and musicians, dancing, merry-go-rounds, stalls and other fairground attractions. Advance booking is recommended.

Date: 3.7. - 5.7.2018
Location: Terchová

Why is it worth a visit? Because the Saints Cyril and Methodius Days and other Cultural Summer events are a vital part of Terchová life.
The annual event commemorates the saints who did much to establish Christianity in Slovakia and who are patrons of the local church. It takes place under the auspices of the most senior clergy in the Žilina diocese. A wide variety of liturgical and cultural events take place over several days. There is a full spiritual programme for believers. The event also gives space to classical, ecclesiastical and ethnic music, theatre, folklore and the visual arts. Other popular parts of the festival are fairy-tale theatre performances, children’s games, a crafts market and opportunities to taste gastronomic specialities. Every year, the Saints Cyril and Methodius Days culminate with a Holy Mass at the summit of Oravcové Hill Admission to the event is free of charge.

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