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Our region is dominated by the majestic peaks of the Malá Fatra Mountains, which rise up like a protective hand over all three parts that it is composed of. To get to know it, you could travel into every corner of the Malá Fatra National Park, visit every town and village in the region and talk to the people who live here. But if you really want to know the Malá Fatra region, we recommend that you taste it.

Are you one of those people who likes to try local specialities and traditional cuisine? Do you like to keep up with the latest trends in gastronomy, or do you stick with the classic dishes?  We have a menu with something for everyone. Because our rule is that no guest in the Malá Fatra region should ever go hungry.

Terchová, the birthplace of folk hero Juraj Jánošík, is famous for Slovak specialities that are served everywhere from stylish restaurants to shepherds’ cottages. You should try the potato gnocchi (halušky or strapačky) and ravioli (pirohy) with sheep’s cheese (bryndza) or sour cabbage. To get an even better taste of the Malá Fatra, we recommend specialities from mutton, roast shank, ribs or a pig-slaughter mixed grill. You certainly won’t regret it.

Food & Drink

Traditional home-brewed beer in Terchová

Vŕšky Beer has been brewed and matured in Terchová since June 2012 under the direct supervision of an experienced master brewer. It brews a Bavarian-type beer “Light 11”, with an alcohol content of 4 – 5% and stronger dark beer “Special 13”. The great taste of the beer comes not just from the chosen technology but also the strong personality of František, who was born in Moravia and is now one of the most experienced brewers in Slovakia. This master brewer has dedicated over 40 years to the secrets of the amber nectar and has contributed experience acquired not only in Slovakia but also in well-known foreign breweries to Vŕšky Beer.

Rather than asking for more words, you should come and taste Terchová’s home-brewed Vŕšky at the brewery or the nearby restaurant in the Drevenice Terchová Resort

Address: Drevenice Terchová Resort, Vŕšky 2387, 013 06 Terchová


Telephone: + 421 917 429 956

Food & Drink

Grandma’s best recipes to the sound of Terchová music

Traditional home cooking served in the atmosphere of a traditional Slovak shepherd’s cottage restaurant, servers in folk costumes and Terchová’s distinctive folk music contribute to the authentic atmosphere of the Terchovská Koliba Diery restaurant. It would be a sin not to call in at this magical place at the mouth of the Jánošíkové Diery Gorges by the side of the road to Orava.

Our secret tip for what to try are the home-made bryndzové halušky and kapustové strapačky – you’ll never have eaten better!

Address: Terchovská Koliba Diery, Biely Potok 664, 013 06 Terchová


Telephone: + 421 41 569 53 22

Food & Drink

Have breakfast in a restaurant and dinner in a shepherd’s cottage

The restaurant at Hotela Gavurky*** offers a wide range of dishes right in the hotel. For breakfast, we suggest frankfurters with home-laid eggs and bread fresh from the oven. How can anyone stay in Terchová and not go to a real Slovak koliba, or shepherd’s cottage restaurant? We recommend you have dinner in the Jánošíková Koliba right next-door to Hotel Gavurky. The staff in folk costumes with red ribbons in their hair are ready to satisfy your most secret wishes. While waiting for your meal you can admire the collection of period artefacts that decorate the cosy interior.

Our secret tip for a starter is the excellent sheep’s cheese spread with spring onions and home-made bread. A classic main course that you should try is úhrabky – a mixture of potatoes, bacon, onions and sauerkraut. A mug of soured milk makes a great accompaniment. The Jánošíková Koliba can fill even the hungriest stomach.

Address: Hotel Gavurky, Sv. Martina 1400, 013 06 Terchová


Telephone: + 421 41 500 35 02

Food & Drink

A gastronomic experience with a view of the Malá Fatra peaks

Wellness Hotel Rozsutec offers a dining experience with a perfect harmony of flavours and presentation. There is nothing on the menu that could fail to delight your taste buds and charm your eyes. You can choose dishes from traditional Slovak cuisine or modern gastronomy.

Our tip would be something at the less traditional end: a creamy beetroot risotto with dill and parmesan, which pairs perfectly with a glass of chilled white wine.

Address: Hotel Rozsutec*** Vrátna dolina, Terchová, Malá Fatra


Food & Drink

Home cooking in the heart of the mountains

Goulash stew, grilled sausages or traditional bryndzové halušky. Keep hunger at bay at this unique all-year-round chalet in the heart of the Malá Fatra Mountains. You will fall in love with these simple, hearty meals. Why not quench your thirst with a chilled beer? After this tasty pairing, you won’t want to leave.


Telephone: + 421 903 524 200

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