Sport and Entertainment

Real holiday in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) cannot do without a proper dose of fun and unusual sport activity. After kilometres walked, when you already know tourist tracks like the back of your hand, it is time to choose one of the activities that will get your blood pumping, or you will have a lot of fun.

Sport and Entertainment

Floating and Rafting

What do you think about fusion of cold rough water and impression? Would you like to try the power of water that will not handle you with kid gloves? Enliven your holiday with a unique adrenaline experience – floating or rafting the Váh or the Orava Rivers. Try to raft the most beautiful passages of the Orava or the Váh Rivers. Qualified instructors will be your guides who will help you to experience something extraordinary. There is the wild Belá River in our offer for the bravest ones. Will you tame the river successfully?

Sport and Entertainment


Novelty in adrenaline activities. Free time spent environmentally friendly, the right adrenaline and wind in your hair – it is impossible not to try scooters in Terchová. This new form of entertainment suitable for all ages is almost offering itself after a pleasant hike. You and your children will fall in love with it.

Choose one of the routes you can take. Whether you choose a more difficult route from Vrátna Cottage – below the cable car or a slightly easier variant from Štefanová – car park, you will experience a ride full of adrenaline and fun surrounded by Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) mountains.

Specially Adjusted Scooters

Scooters you may ride are specially adjusted. Their frames are enlarged and their wheels are adapted to rides on the winding mountain terrain. Reinforced brakes would allow you to ride as fast as you like. Helmet is commonplace for each racer. It is up to you how fast you choose to ride. Would you ride at a walking speed or would you “put your foot down”?

Address: Vrátna Free time zone, Starý dvor, 013 06 Terchová


Telephone: +421 905 906 244

Sport and Entertainment

Cable Car Vrátna – Chleb

Skiing in winter, hiking to one of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) hills or a nice trip with family – cable car may be used year-round. One of the most popular tourist attractions is intended for tourists who want to save their legs, for skiers, snowboarders and other hikers enjoying the views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

Address: Starý Dvor, stredisko Vrátna Malá Fatra

Telephone: +421 903 266 231

Opening hours:

Opening times:From 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Festa Club Terchová

Sports club with a wide variety of activities for children and adults, women and men. It is simply a place for each fan of sport and exercise. Tennis, football, volleyball or minigolf – What would you like to begin with? When bad weather, a roofed terrace provides you a shelter offering refreshments. Play with your children in the kids’ corner. Festa Club Terchová organises some traditional events annually such as raising a maypole, fires of St. John and various sports competitions. Premises of the club are open from spring to autumn.

Address: family housing estate Holúbkova roveň

Telephone: + 421 948 484 883 / + 421 948 484 881

Sport and Entertainment

Vodné dielo Žilina (The Žilina Dam)

A perfect place for never-ending walks, riding a bike, skating or pram-pushing. A gorgeous sunset at the dam bank is just a bonus. Place that will win your heart. You can go jogging, play beach volleyball or minigolf and spend a day in the fresh air.

Watch Out the Penguins

Swimming is forbidden there. However, do not be surprised if you see members of Winter Swimmers’ Club and Friends of Winter Swimming in the water. The Žilina Penguins are allowed to enter this place. Fishing fans would also find something to enjoy. The dam is home to various kinds of fish, but carp and vimba dominate.

Try Yachting

The Yachting Sports Club introduces another activity at the dam that would get your blood pumping. If you like water and water sports and you are not afraid of adrenaline, you can try yachting and windsurfing. With instructor’s individual approach, you will learn the basics of sailing a yacht or windsurfing.

Sport and Entertainment

Skate park Žilina

At the dam you can find the first Žilina skate park intended for quite a numerous community of skateboarders and cyclists, but also for brave skaters. It is interesting that opinions of this community mattered to the City of Žilina administration. Till the last minute before the park opening, all changes were discussed with them. Skate park is freely accessible to every fan of riding over obstacles with adrenaline in blood.

Address: Skatepark Vodné dielo, Vodné dielo, 010 01 Žilina

Rafts on the Váh River

You will certainly not be bored during family holiday in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra). Enjoy a unique experience on the longest and most famous rafting river – the Váh together with your children. Adventure and fun on rafts are guaranteed.

Raftsmen in Folk Costumes

While rafting, you will see many cultural, historical and natural wonders offered by a seven-kilometre-long passage. Your guides will be raftsmen dressed in folk costumes who will enliven the unforgettable voyage with their comments. Rafting trip starts in Bariérová (after purchasing the tickets in Strečno, the transport to this place is provided) and ends in Strečno. After adventurous voyage, you can take a tour of the Strečno Castle or an undemanding ascent to Starý hrad (the Old Castle).

Basic Information:

  • Season: 1 April – 31 October
  • Raft capacity: 12 people
  • Sail duration (depends on water conditions): 50 – 75 min.


Address: Prvá pltnícka a raftingová spoločnosť s r. o., Ulica SNP 86, 013 24 Strečno


Telephone: +421 907 196 999

Sport and Entertainment

Rope Parks

Rope parks have become a popular place for relaxation even in Slovakia. Do you enjoy overcoming obstacles and do not fear heights? Visit one of the rope parks in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) region intended not only for children but also for brave adults.


Sport and Entertainment

Dino Adventure park

The only rope park in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) mountains is located in the centre of Terchová village adjoining football stadium and Nad Bôrami Amphitheater. It is surrounded by marvellous pine woods. You can look forward to a forty-minute adrenaline experience three to seven metres above the ground. The rope park consists of a number of various rope obstacles, and it includes a system of several cable cars, too. Dinosaur replicas would accompany you on the adventurous journey. You can choose a route for children or adults. Entertainment in the rope park would be pleasant even after a walk through Jánošíkove diery (Jánošík´s Holes). The rope park with its medium difficulty is suitable for all ages.

Address: Dino Adventure Park Terchová, Sv. Martina 274, 013 06 Terchová


Sport and Entertainment

Rope Park in Chrasť Forest Park

Adventure right in a forest park, a popular part of Žilina. A rope park for brave little ones and adults in gorgeous environment. The forest park is located between the quarters of Vlčince and Solinky. The rope park is situated right behind the children´s playground. You can choose from three circuits and try the leap of courage from the height of twelve metres. It takes about an hour to complete the circuit depending on the skilfulness of each daredevil.

Address: Lanový park PRELES, Veľký diel, 010 01 Žilina


Adventure Minigolf in Žilina

Adventure golf offers great family entertainment right in the centre of Žilina. At the golf courses, terrain irregularities, elevations, water elements and sand dunes await you. The course surroundings offer an extraordinary experience, too. You will find there detailed imitations of rocks, a cave, live plants and a pond. A unique view of Žilina´s historical centre through glass walls will certainly be the greatest experience. Thanks to accessible location of the course in the centre of Žilina in MIRAGE Shopping Centre, it is open year-round independent from weather conditions.

Address: ADVENTURE MINI-GOLF, SC MIRAGE - 4th floor, Námestie A. Hlinku 7/B, 010 01 Žilina


Sport and Entertainment


Holiday in Slovakia is the right one to make your dreams come true. Try to forget your fear and fly up to the heights that enable you to enjoy unique views of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra).

Legendary Straník

You can try paragliding from Straník, an icon of thermic flying, rightly called also “hill of the hills”. This place is marked as the best for learning to fly in Slovakia. At first sight, it is an unimpressive hill where you can get from Žilina or Teplička nad Váhom without any difficulties. It has an excellent location from which you can start off in almost any direction. At the same time, its surroundings offer many places for secure landing.

Flying in Pairs

Experience an once-in-a-lifetime feeling of absolute freedom during a tandem flight. An experienced tandem instructor sits behind you, navigates the parachute and observes everything around you. You may fully enjoy the freedom, adrenaline, joy and beauty of the surrounding nature.

Bike Park – Teplička nad Váhom

All fans of adrenaline, mud on the bike and fast rides, pay attention or rather polish your two-wheel vehicles and come to Teplička Nad Váhom. Do not forget to bring you helmet that is mandatory on site. Bike Park offers training routes for bicross and dirt jump. There is no better way of spending free time with your bike than in this place.

Opening hours:

April - November:8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

K2 Climbing Wall

K2 Climbing Wall in Žilina is constructed to meet the strictest requirements by sports climbers. It has a bouldering profile and thanks to a large number of holds, it is the best climbing wall in Slovakia. During the training you can meet there the best representatives of Slovak bouldering. The climbing area is connected to the bar through a glass wall offering the opportunity to watch extreme climbing performances while enjoying your favourite drink.

Address: Lezecká stena a kaviareň K2 (K2 Climbing Wall and Café), Stará menza, Hečkova 6, 010 01 Žilina – Hliny V


Escape ROOM

A survival game in which you become the main character of the story. You can choose from two rooms with different stories: Horror or Love Story. The journey to freedom is only in your hands. It is only up to you and your team how fast you can escape from a room full of obstacles, brain teasers and riddles. Time is your greatest enemy. You have only 60 minutes to escape. Will you make it?

To make a reservation, please call 0911 728 346 or send an email to

Address: Escape room, Orolská 1126, 010 01 Žilina


Telephone: +421 911 728 346