Zástranie – Kotrčiná Lúčka – Radoľa

Start your walking tour from Zástranie following red tourist signs to the village of Kotrčina Lúčka – Stráň where you turn to a green tourist sign towards Radoľa. Combine your hiking with sight-seeing offered by Malá Fatra (Little Fatra). Do you know that Radoľa is the oldest village in Kysuce? In a renaissance manor house you will learn how living looked like in the past in the region of Kysuce – take a look at the living salon from the past. Children will certainly enjoy a replica of young mammoth.

Route length: 10 km
Duration: 3 h
Starting point: Radoľa
Destination point: Zástranie
Difficulty: undemanding route suitable for families with children

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