Trnové – Stráňavy – Strečno

A route from Trnové through Stráňavy leads to the castle. Follow green tourist signs in Trnové, see Malofatranské museum in Stráňavy and continue to the saddle of Javorina where you can stop by the Memorial to the Victory of the first Czechoslovak Army Corps. From the saddle, follow red tourist sign to Strečno. Go up dozens of stairs to a medieval village of Paseky or visit Strečno Castle. There are several ways how to finish this undemanding tour. Starý hrad, rafts on Váh river or a journey by a ferryboat to Nezbudská lúčka. It is only your choice.

Duration: 45 min.
Starting point: Chata Vrátna (Vrátna Cottage)
Destination point: Chata na Grúni (Grúň Chalet)
Difficulty: easy

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