A perfect idea for an afternoon walk with magnificent view of the city of Žilina, Vodné dielo Žilina (The Žilina Dam), Súľovské skaly (Súľov Rocks) and many other natural treasures of Slovakia.

Start your trip in a city part of Zástranie that is available by public transport or by car. Mothers with children’s strollers or cyclists will surely appreciate an asphalt road heading to the top. The route leads along the woods which shadow may cool you down and provides you with shelter for your necessary rest on the way up. Magnificent views and surrounding nature will astonish you right on the way to the top. Did you know that Straník is a paradise for paragliders? You will definitely meet at least one of them. There is a wooden footbridge at the top that makes your passing on rough terrain easier. Stop and enjoy a really romantic view on all hills and mountains.

Bonus at the end – wait for one of the most beautiful sunsets you may observe in Žilina.

Duration: about 1 h
Difficulty: easy

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