Undemanding tour to Sokolie is popular for its splendid views and unique rocky formations.

Veľký Rozsutec, Stoh, Chleb, Veľký Kriváň within striking distance.

From the parking place of Starý dvor follow blue tourist signs to the saddle of Príslop. Saddle of Príslop is an important intersection of tourist trails with a guidepost and a shelter. From the saddle of Príslop follow on the right following a yellow tourist sign to Sokolie ridge where you may enjoy a beautiful scenery of the Malá Fatra National Park. From Sokolie follow a green tourist sign to the parking place Starý dvor.

Duration: 3 – 3.5 h
Starting point: a parking place Starý dvor, Vrátna
Destination point: a parking place Starý dvor, Vrátna
Difficulty: undemanding, suitable for families with children

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