Observation Tower on Bobovec Hill

Between the villages of Stará Bystrica and Radôstka you may find Bobovec observation tower. Visit the only Slovak astronomical clock in Stará Bystrica and do not forget to visit a church in Radôstka that was given an international award for architecture. At the end of your exploration of Kysuce, walk to the observation tower and see all the places from the bird’s eye view.

Why Bobovec?

The name Bobovec is derived from a crop that was very widespread in Kysuce in the past. The legume broad bean (bôb in the Slovak language) used to be served as a dish very frequently.

The observation tower is guarded by angels

The observation tower on the Bobovec hill is 16 meters high. It is built from traditional materials such as stone and wood. The angels decorate the building of the observation tower and you may notice angelic theme on window grids, too. Did you know that the observation tower lights at night? Therefore it may be easily found during your night expeditions to the peak.

Fabulous views

The observation tower offers you a good view of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra), Martinské Hole, Veľká Rača or Lysá hora in the Czech republic. You may reach the observation tower on Bobovec hill from Slovenský orloj (Slovak astronomical clock) from Rínok sv. Michala (St Michael’s Square) in Stará Bystrica A yellow tourist trail leads to it.

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