Krasňanské studničky (The Little Wells of Krásno nad Kysucou)

Nice and undemanding hiking where you can travel by car or by bike – 6 little wells, 6 places, 6 historical monuments.

Learn about the tradition of natural local resources of water in Krásno nad Kysucou. You are awaited by six various little wells in six various settlements. Discover the history of little wells, their meaning and learn when to drink water from a little well. In addition, there is a bit of history in each settlement. In Osada u Drozdov you may explore the highest stone bridge Blažkov, in Osada Lazný potok a chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, in Osada u Gavlasov 6 metre high Cyrillo-Methodian Slovak doublecross and in Osada u Gaši a bricked chapel of Holy Mary.

Location: settlements of the town of Krásno nad Kysucou
Difficulty: easy/car + walk

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