Educational Trail through Jánošíkov Chotár (Jánošík’s Land Area)

Adventure and wanderings following steps of Juraj Jánošík, the most well-know Slovak brigand, you may experience only on holiday in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra).
Walk through an educational trail Jánošíkov chotár (Jánošik’s Land Area) is intended for walking tourists, cycling tourists as well as cross-country skiers.

Interesting facts about Terchová

On a 13.5 km circuit tour, you may find 10 information boards with interesting facts about Terchová. Trail begins and finishes in the village of Terchová and the whole route takes about 6 hours. It leads through less demanding terrain of terchovské kopanice (isolated dwellings of Terchová) around the valley of Struháreň in Kysucká vrchovina (Kysuce highlands), it is located northerly from the village and it offers spectacular views of a surrounding country. Marked tourist trails cross the route with the possibility of descending or turning during your trip.

A Year in Terchová

During your walk through an educational trail you will learn the basic information about the history of Terchová and its beautiful surrounding nature. Folklore and folk music and indeed the most well-know native Juraj Jánošík are not omitted. You will learn more about the life of hardworking farmers of Terchová, sheep breeding, production of traditional cheeses as well as many other interesting information. After you finish hiking drop by one of our shepherd’s huts to try our traditional Slovak cuisine.

Duration: 6 hodín
Starting point: Terchová
Starting point: Terchová
Difficulty: undemanding route suitable for families with children

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