Educational Trail Fojtov Potok (Fojtov Brook)

You will find a village of Kysuce called Zborov nad Bystricou surrounded by woods. Right there you may follow the route of educational trail Fojtov potok (Fojtov Brook). Fully enjoy the beauties of Kysuce nature. You will learn more about the flora and fauna of Kysucká kotlina (Kysuce Basin). You may observe some protected species of fauna and flora. You will see various information boards where you can find answer to your curious questions. Fojtov potok (Fojtov Brook) is one of the valleys in the land area in close proximity of the village. You will definitely notice small original houses “cholvarky” that symbolize a shepherd past of the village.

After you walk through the educational trail continue with exploring Kysuce and visit a museum of Kysucká dolina (Kysuce Valley) where you may see an original chapel Zborova nad Bystricou and take a look into original shepherd settlements.

Duration: 1 h
Starting point: Zborov nad Bystricou
Destination point: Zborov nad Bystricou
Difficulty: undemanding route suitable for families with children

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