Vrátna – Šútovský vodopád – Vrátna

Hiking to a Natural Shower with Many MOSTS
The highest, the most well-known and often called the most beautiful waterfall is located in Šútovo. Get to know the beauty of Šútovský waterfall with its height of 830m. After a long and strenuous tour you will be cooled down by drops of water stream.
From Vrátna to Šútovský waterfall and back
Tour to Šutovský waterfall belongs to the most demanding especially in relation to its height. Trail begins from the final stop of Cable car Chleb. Trail continues following a tourist sign to Chata pod Chlebom that offers refreshments and snacks before your next journey. Continue following a blue tourist sign to Mojžišove pramene (Moses’ Springs) to Šútovský waterfall. If you choose this trail with your children from Šutovský waterfall follow a blue tourist sign through Šútovská dolina (Šútovská Valley) to the village of Šútovo. From there, you can travel by train to the village of Varín a continue by bus to Terchová.

Duration: 5 – 6 h
Starting point: cableway Chleb, Vrátna Cottage
Destination point: cableway Chleb. Vrátna Cottage/railway station Šútovo

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