Veľký Rozsutec

Demanding tourist route with unforgettable view. Get up earlier and start your route before daybreak. Seeing the sunrise you forget all your troubles while walking. Make your holiday a little bit more thrilling and get to know the most beautiful hill in Slovakia with a hidden treasure inside, as they say.
Precious flora and fauna
Start your tour to Veľký Rozsutec in Štefanová. The first part of your tour from the settlement of Štefanová leads following a yellow touristic route to Podžiar. From there, follow a blue tourist sign to Medzirozsutce saddle. From Medzirozsutce saddle there is a red tourist sign to Veľký Rozsutec. In summer and when the snow is melted you may observe some of plant endemics of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra).

Duration: 3 – 4 h
Starting point: Štefanová (a bus stop of SAD, a parking place)
Destination point: Štefanová (a bus stop of SAD, a parking place)
Difficulty: strenuous

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