On the Ridge of Malá Fatra to Poludňý Grúň, Stoh or to Zázrivá

Location: Krivánska Malá Fatra
Difficulty: moderate-strenuous

The most popular ridge with magnificent views

This all day tour on the ridge starting in Vrátna dolina (Vrátna Valley) under a cable car to Snilovské sedlo (Snílovské Saddle), through Chleb, Hromové, Poludňový Grúň, Stoh, Medziholie to Zázrivá is only for real stayers. For those who would like to make their start of the tour easier, it is possible to use a cable car to Snilovské sedlo (Snilovské saddle). You can save almost 2 hours of your time and your legs from 774 m ascent following green signs. Indeed, you do not have to go to Zázrivá. Therefore, we have prepared for you three options how to finish it:
The Total Tour Time from Snilovské sedlo (Snilovské Saddle) through Chleb to Pludňový Grúň and to
Chata Vrátna (Vrátna Cottage): 3:10 h
Total ascent: 243 m / 1017 m descent!

Get ready for steep descent from Poludňový Grún to Chata na Grúni (Grúň Chalet). In 45minutes you overcome a height about 500 metres. If you have not used your hiking sticks, it’s time to do so! You may find them helpful during this route. Descent carefully, the terrain may be slippery. Follow a yellow sign that will lead to a chalet where you can finally rest. You will recharge your batteries trying delicious Slovak cuisine. Or making barbecue in covered fire place right behind the chalet. The end of the tour is following a yellow sign to Chata Vrátna (Vrátna Cottage). If you are still not tired you can go to a symbolic cemetery located 10 minutes from Chata Vrátna (Vrátna Cottage) following a green sign.

The Total Tour Time from Snilovské Sedlo (Snilovské Saddle) through Stoh and Medziholie to Štefanová: 5:00 h

Total ascent: 620 m / 1511 m descent!

When ascent to Stoh, go on from Poludňový Grúň following a red tourist sign to Stoh saddle. Trail to the saddle descents but right from there is a steep ascent through a wide ridge to the Stoh peak that reminds many tourists a huge haystack. The route goes following the red sign and lasts 1:15 h. Descent to the saddle Medziholie is half an hour shorter yet very steep and demanding for your knees. There are either many tourists getting ready for the ascent to Veľký Rozsutec or those who rest after they conquered it. After a very demanding day we recommend you to descent following a green tourist sign through Šlahorka to Štefanová.

The Total Tour Time from Snilovské Sedlo (Snilovské Saddle) through Stoh and Medziholie to Biela – crossroad: 5:25 h
Total ascent: 620 m / 1584 m descent!

Something for physically fit athletes and tourists who have criss-crossed many kilometers – ridge all the way to Zázrivá. From Poludňový Grúň you get to the saddle Medziholie. Follow a yellow tourist sign to a signpost Pod Rozsutcom. There are yellow and green signs in front of you. The green one leads to Biela settlement after 1.5 h walk through the woods. The yellow sign from a signpost Pod Rozsutcom also leads through the woods but to the saddle Príslop nad Bielou and the journey takes 1.5 h, too. From there only 0.5 h through meadows and you are in the part called Zázrivá-Petrová.
Second variant starting in Štefanová
Tour to the ridge of Malá Fatra may be taken from Štefanová as well. Guests who stay in a valley or those who do not mind a steep ascent to hills have advantage. If you are looking for a real sweat from the beginning to its end you have chosen the right route. Your legs will definitely have no rest because you are awaited about 3 hour long ascent to Stoh with height a little less than 1000 m to be overcome on foot. It will take you 1:15 h to get from Stoh to Poludňový Grúň. If you are tired or the weather is not very good you can finish your journey by 45 minute descent to Chata na Grúni (Grúň Chalet). You do not have to follow a yellow sign only to Chata Vrátna (Vrátna Cottage) but you can also go to Štefanová from the cottage. In this case you will follow a blue sign and in 45 min you are on a place where you began. The second variant is to stay in a cottage during the night and enjoy morning views on summits covered in mist.

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