Nezbudská Lúčka – Chata pod Suchým – Chata Vrátna

A visit to mountain chalets is an interesting addition to a holiday in the Malá Fatra region. One possible destination is the year-round hiker’s chalet, Chata pod Suchým. It can be reached by several routes on foot, by bicycle and even on skis, in winter.

One of the most beautiful

The hike to Chata pod Suchým along the ridge of the Kriván section of the Malá Fatra Mountains is one the most beautiful in Slovakia. It leads along an unforested ridge with views on the Turiec and Žilina sides. You can start your trip from Strečno, Nezbudská Lúčka or Varín on the red-marked hiking trail. You can visit Starhrad Castle on the way. There is a unique view of the Domašínsky Meander on the River Váh from this ruin. Don’t be put off by the initial steep ascent from Starhrad. You will surely manage it and it soon becomes a gentler stroll to Chata pod Suchým.

From Chata pod Suchým to Chata Vrátna

The section between Suchý and the Priehyb Pass is one of the most beautiful sections of the Malá Fatra ridge walk. The narrow path leads you between rocks that hang over steep slopes. Between Suchý and the upper cable car station at Snilovské Sedlo Pass you will sometimes have to walk through thick growths of dwarf mountain pine. The last part of the walk is the steep descent to the chalet Chata Vrátna. The route is easy to follow, and poles have been placed to mark the way across bare summit sections. The ridge walk should only be attempted when the weather is appropriate.

Duration: 4 – 5 hodín
Start: Varín (Strečno), bus stop, car park
Destination: Chleb aerial tramway (Chata Vrátna), bus stop, car park

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