Kraviarske – Žitné – Baraniarky – Príslop

You can start your tour from the parking place Stará dolina. The trail leads 1:15 h through a narrow valley following green signs with a constant ascent. Before its end you will go out of the woods and you will get to the saddle behind Kraviarske through the meadow. Do not forget to turn right there behind a blue sign and go on on the ridge with summits Kraviarske, Žitné, Baraniarky to the saddle of Príslop. When passing through the ridge you will see amazing views on each side. On the left you may see the entire Žilinská kotlina (Žilina Basin), on the right a main ridge of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra), behind you there is Malý and Veľký Kriváň and from above you may see picturesque Vrátna dolina (Vrátna Valley). Descent from Baraniarky peak through the mentioned saddle is steep and it takes about two hours to get to Starý dvor. Be careful, the terrain is often soaked and slippery.

The total time for a blue sign with transport to Snilovské sedlo to Starý dvor: 3:25 h

The second variant of this tour is to change walk following a green sign from Stará dolina with a quick transport by a cable car from Chata Vrátna (Vrátna Cottage) to Snilovské sedlo (Snílovské saddle). From there, follow a blue sign on the contour line under the ridge to Chrapáky. The route takes 45 min. We add there a 15minute steeper ascent and you are in the saddle behind Kraviarske. There you can rest and decide where to go next. You can finish your tour by an hour descent following a green sign to the parking place to Stará dolina. If you feel like doing it, follow blue signs on the ridge as you did first time. At the end of your tour you may refresh yourself in the restaurant of the hotel Roszutec or in Starý majer.

The total time for green and blue signs from Stará dolina to Starý dvor: 3:55 h

Location: Krivánska Malá Fatra

Difficulty: moderate

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