From convenient trails for pleasure seekers and enthusiasts of nice walks with a magnificent view to more demanding tours where you are often on the edge of your physical strengths – all this represent hiking in Malá Fatra (Little Fatra). The net of hiking trails literally allures you to pack your shoes and go for adventure.

Simple Hiking

Hiking is suitable for the youngest ones as well. Educational trails, observation tower with a once in a life time view, walks in a region or to a mountain chalet – offer of so many possibilities that keep your children smiling and their little legs will no hurt that much.

Mountain hiking

Held breath, chains, ladders, knees covered in snow- National Park Malá Fatra also offers more demanding mountain and alpine routes. Put on your tourist shoes, pack your tourist equipment and kilometres of routes where you get sweaty are waiting for you, holding your breath you cross the ridge that offers you a unique scenery.

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