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Jánošík’s Holes (Jánošíkove diery)

Being in Malá Fatra and not walking through Jánošík’s Holes would be a sin. If you spend
a summer or winter holiday in our region, certainly do not miss walking through the Holes.

Over Twenty Waterfalls

Jánošík’s Holes is one the most attractive hiking trails in Malá Fatra. It consists of a gulley
and canyon system in the Kriváň part of Malá Fatra. They are located in the Rozsutec
National Nature Preserve. Jánošík’s Holes, also called Holes, are composed of three integrated parts: Lower Holes (Dolné diery), New Holes (Nové diery), and Upper Holes
(Horné diery). Dierový Stream, which flows through them, has formed them nicely. There are more than twenty waterfalls, together creating the falls of Dierový potok.

Foot-Bridges and Ladders

Within bizarre rock formations with a specific climate live several species of interesting
plants and animals. Jánošík’s Holes begin in the villages of Štefanová and Biely Potok. There is a nature trail in the Lower Holes. The Upper Holes are closed during the winter season. Jánošík’s Holes are accessible through attractive, marked hiking trails with foot bridges, ladders, and chains.

Duration: 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 hours

Trail starting point: parking lot by Hotel Diery (Terchová – Biely Potok /Štefanová parking
Trail target point: Štefanová parking lot / parking lot by Hotel Diery (Terchová – Biely

Trail description: The Lower Holes route is, despite of the ladders, relatively easy and
children normally pass through. However, it is not recommended to continue to Malý
Rozsutec with children.

Trail to download: Jánošíkove diery